The FAKIRY Gallery was opened in 2012 as a family gallery of two painters – Atanaska and Aleksandar Kostovi. Painters and art fans and connoisseurs use the  venue to meet, train, practice and exchange experience and ideas.

The gallery’s main line of business is exhibiting and selling paintings and ceramic works of art.

The ceramic section includes pieces in contemporary and ancient styles made using  modern and classic modelling and production techniques.

The gallery’s collection constitutes a modern reading of ceramic art in Bulgaria. Fakiry supports efforts to find new ways of exploring and interpreting various subject matters in ceramic materials. The gallery also presents techniques of firing pottery in alternative kilns running on solid fuel and modern decorative models rendered in such kilns.

At the Fakiry Gallery, you can see vessels and techniques of polished pottery, tracery, cracked effects, engraved pottery and ash glazing, as well as educational firing techniques, some ancient methods of hand modelling and the origin of ceramics.

The Fakiry Gallery also features a rich collection of painted canvases, drawings and contemporary sculptures.

At its premises, the gallery also runs a school of applied and fine arts called the Art Jungle. It encourages the teaching of arts from the very early age of 3 and fosters the talents of children who want to go into arts as a profession. The school also reserves a special place for adult fans of applied and fine arts, supporting and teaching those who wish to become closer with the world of art.




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